24 July 2016

Searching for Nasugbu’s Lost Airfield

The Philippine Air Force L-5.  Image credit:  PAF Official site.

When I was a small boy back in the sixties, I had been hearing from my Mother, who was originally from the town of Nasugbu in western Batangas, and other relations on the maternal side about this place that they referred to as ‘landing.’ I knew, because I grew up in an Air Force base, that the term probably referred to a place where airplanes flew from or landed.

20 July 2016

Miguel de Loarca’s 16th Century “Census” of Batangas

The Bombon area was the most vibrant according to de Loarca's narrative.

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(Chapter IX of a Batangas Historical Series)

Mention has already been made in the second chapter of the Spaniard Miguel de Loarca as this narrative sought to get a bearing on the coastline of Tulay or Tuley. For this chapter, we return to his relation or narrative to get a better grasp of how things were in Batangas in the first decade of Spanish colonisation in terms of population and governance.

19 July 2016

The Galleon Trade, Their Filipino Crews and the Earliest Filipino Community in the United States

Thumbnail from the YouTube video "El Galeón de Manila. La aventura de los tesoros de Oriente (Manila Galleon) HRM Ediciones" by Arturo Sanchez.

Most Filipinos, from high school history books, ought to have a fundamental knowledge of the so-called Galleon Trade, that maritime link across the vast expanse of the Pacific through which the Philippines maintained its contact with Nueva España (Mexico) and, therefore, the mother country Spain itself.

13 July 2016

The Chiefs of Balayan and Their Role in the 16th Century Spanish Invasion of Borneo

Image credit:  IslamIndonesia.com.

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(Chapter VIII of a Batangas Historical Series)

It was no surprise that Spanish overtures of peace and friendship with the King of Borney in 1573 were received lukewarmly; and even this is an understatement. The Spaniards, after all, were encroaching upon lands where Borney, if it did not have direct sovereignty, at least wielded apparent influence.

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