26 November 2015

Filipinos Disapprove China, Approve US; Confidence Rising in Military, Declining in National Government

Image credit:  Photius.com.

Not surprisingly because of recent disputes in the West Philippine Sea between China and the Philippines, two thirds of Filipinos disapprove of China’s leadership according to a Gallup Poll conducted in May 2015, the results of which were released just two days ago.

22 November 2015

Funeral Companies and the Economics of Dying

These days, funeral companies offer much more than the usual services.

There are two types of death scenarios that every family has to deal with; and this is one of those things that nobody ever gets an exemption from. First is sudden death such as from an accident or a violent crime. In this scenario, shock and acceptance are the immediate family’s main challenges, particularly if the deceased is young and otherwise has no reason to move onto the other side.

16 November 2015

Facebook Adds New Interaction Features to ‘Like’ Button

Facebook's new interactions.

Users of the social networking site Facebook can now express more feelings towards posts made by people and pages beyond the by-now tiresome ‘Like’ button.

12 November 2015

Despite Azkals Home Blip Against Yemen, WC Campaign Still a Success

Image captured from video on The AFC Cup channel on YouTube.

Ultimately, what last night’s chastening 1-nil loss by the Philippine Azkals at home to bottom-of-the-table Yemen does is to reiterate the very essence of football and of any sport, for that matter. That is, that if you do not take your chances, you do not win.

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