28 June 2016

The Founding of Pueblos or Towns by the Agustinians in 16th Century Batangas

Ruins of the St. Martin de Tours Church in San Nicolas, Batangas
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(Part V of a Batangas Historical Series)

The awarding of Bonbon as a repartimiento to Martin de Goite by Miguel López de Legaspi in 1571 was just one of many, for indeed, it was Felipe II himself, King of Spain, who willed it so. It was the king’s wishes for the western islands, as the Philippines were then called, to be colonised and the lands divided among those who worked to conquer them.

23 June 2016

Comparing Batangas City, Lipa and Tanauan in Terms of Population and Competitiveness

Image credit:  Google Earth Street View.

This article attempts to profile the three cities of the Province of Batangas, i.e. Batangas City, Lipa and Tanauan, based on demographics and competitiveness. This article is published for no other purpose than the information of the reader. The data published here has been taken from the official web sites of the Philippine Statistics Authority as well as the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index.

22 June 2016

Glimpses of Bonbon (Early Batangas) at the Dawn of the Spanish Colonial Era

Taal Lake, which used to be called Bonbon.

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(Part IV of a Batangas Historical Series)

Just over a year after first sighting the bay of Balayan in an exploratory voyage from Panay to Luzon, Martin de Goite was rewarded by Miguel López de Legazpi, first Spanish governor of the Philippines, for his services to the Crown of Spain with a repartimiento of 8,000 natives in the area of the lake and river of Bonbon. This we now know to be the present day Taal Lake area.

21 June 2016

Shop and Make Art Winners Awarded on Lipa City’s 69th Foundation Day

The winners of SM Lipa’s Shop and Make Art contest were awarded together with SM Lipa’s assistant Mall Manager John Mauhay Jr (extreme right).  Beside Mr. Mauhay is the contest first placer, – Romark Joseph Laco. At the center is the daughter of the second placer Krista Kayla Dimasaca; while the third placer (second from the left) is Patricia Camille Goli. 

The winners of the recently concluded “Shop and Make Art” arts and crafts contest were awarded and presented to the shoppers of SM Lipa last 20 June 2016, Monday, at the Events Centre of SM City Lipa during the city’s 69th Founding Anniversary.

20 June 2016

The Evolution of the DLSL Emblem

The first emblem used the coconut tree as a prominent symbol.

The picture above shows the first De La Salle Lipa emblem worn by students on their left breast pockets when the school first opened in 1962. Of this I am certain because I have seen pictures of this emblem in the school yearbook still called Sabre at the time.

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