27 March 2015

Phone Call from the Other Side?

My bulky old Ericsson phone.  A missed call notification has remained a mystery to this day.

The Coast to Coast program that I listen to in the morning had a guest today who was a psychic researcher; and among the things that she talked about in her interview with the host was communication from the other side. Most of the things she talked about were things that we Filipinos will be open to. Indeed, unlike most western cultures, we will not quickly dismiss phenomena which cannot be explained in a scientific manner.


The Weaver at the Ala Eh Festival
“Over the weekend, I went to see the Trade Fair of the Ala Eh Festival in Batangas City. The visit turned out to be something of a disappointment. Perhaps, I should have gone at the start rather than at the end of a week of festivities. On the other hand, in last year’s festival in Tanauan City, the fair was as vibrant in the last day as it was in the first.” Read full article...

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2014 World Cup Draw: An Analysis
“Will probably not be the proverbial stroll-in-the-park for hosts and tournament favourites Brazil, as there are no pushovers in World Cup football anymore; but qualification for the next round still ought to be reasonably straightforward. History weighs both for and against Brazil winning the 2014 World Cup. On the one hand, all World Cups held in South America were won by South American teams. On the other hand, the first time Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950, when they were also overwhelming favourites, they were pipped to the title by neighbours and continental rivals Uruguay” Read full article...

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