L     A     T     E     S     T                     A     R     T     I     C     L     E

20 December 2014

Erick Von and Shirley: a True DLSL Love Story

Some of you might have come across this supposed love story involving two graduates of DLSL that was making the rounds of Facebook the other week. Heart warming enough, this I am prepared to concede; but I was warned that it probably was not even true.

Now this one is.

Now that I come to think about it, I have always had this really great connection with the Hernandez family of Cumba, a cosy little village just outside Lipa City proper. I just had no reason to think of things that way before.

Estela, the eldest, was in my high school History class in 1991-92. She was what the French would call petite, small and lovely. But she was more than just a pretty face; she was smart, too.


Comparing Jollibee Prices, PHL and the United States
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2014 World Cup Draw: An Analysis
“Will probably not be the proverbial stroll-in-the-park for hosts and tournament favourites Brazil, as there are no pushovers in World Cup football anymore; but qualification for the next round still ought to be reasonably straightforward. History weighs both for and against Brazil winning the 2014 World Cup. On the one hand, all World Cups held in South America were won by South American teams. On the other hand, the first time Brazil hosted the World Cup in 1950, when they were also overwhelming favourites, they were pipped to the title by neighbours and continental rivals Uruguay” Read full article...

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