15 August 2017

The Untold Story of the Gasoline Station in front of DLSL

Image credit:  Google Street View.
I was surprised last week when I passed by the Caltex gasoline station beside De La Salle in Lipa City to find that it had closed down. After a moment, I realized that its lease must have expired. I cannot be sure now if the lease was for 20 or 25 years, but what I am certain about is that the lease was indeed due to expire this year.


14 August 2017

How Some Barrios of Lipa City Got their Names

Satellite photo of Lipa City as seen on Google Earth.
In 1953, Department of Education divisions all over the country had to submit local histories to the National Library of the Philippines to compensate for historical documents destroyed during World War II. These documents have been digitized and are now available at the NLP’s web site.


10 August 2017

Powerful Magnitude 6.3 Earthquake Jolts Batangas

Image credit:  Phivolcs.
A magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck 16 kilometers west of Nasugbu, Batangas at 1:28 in the afternoon of Friday, 11 August 2017. The earthquake was actually more powerful than those that hit off Tingloy Island and Mabini last April.


Pictures of Taal Volcano Taken before the Destructive 1911 Eruption

In the crater of Taal volcano.  Image credit:  University of Michigan Digital Collections.
At the University of Michigan Digital Archives, there is a collection of pictures taken of Taal Volcano likely before the 1911 eruption. The pictures, which are all part of the Everett Thompson Photograph Collection, were likely taken during an expedition to the Main Volcano Crater. Most of the pictures are undated; but one explicitly states that it was taken in 1902.


07 August 2017

Sonny Lozano and the Little-Known Story of Jose Mari Chan’s First-ever Single “Afterglow”

Left, Sonny Lozano with his beauteous wife Beth.  Right, Jose Mari Chan while on vacation in Bohol in 2010.
After dinner last night, I listened across the table to Sonny Lozano as he narrated the story of how he produced Jose Mari Chan’s first-ever single “Afterglow.” I had heard the story countless times before, but like a child being told a fairy tale before bed, I still get totally fascinated by it.


06 August 2017

Classic Photos of Bauan, Taal and Tanauan taken in the Early 1900s

Image credit:  University of Michigan Digital Collections, with the title “Seven men” taken 2 January 1904 in Batangas.
In a way, photographic essays can be more descriptive than those made with words; and this one gives very graphic descriptions of life in Batangas in the early years of the American colonial era. All the pictures are taken from the University of Michigan Digital Collections. I had taken the liberty of giving the original pictures a graphic software makeover to improve their quality and bring out more of details.


05 August 2017

DLSL Sports, Breaking New Ground in the Late Eighties

DLSL teams in the eighties.
The other week, while discussing the formation of a local league with the football coach of UB-Lipa Campus, I was amused that he looked so concerned about having to collect the registration fee from his players. That, I told him, would be no different from what I myself used to do when I was still a young coach at DLSL back in the eighties.


04 August 2017

Dr. Jose P. Laurel and the “Dirtiest Election” in Philippine Electoral History

Both pictures above in the public domain.
Many readers will have heard of Dr. Jose Paciano Laurel, born in 1891 in what was then the town of Tanauan in Batangas, from secondary school history lessons. He was twice elected to the Philippine Senate, the first time in 1925 when the country was still an American colony; and again in 1951 when the Philippines were already a fledgling independent republic. In 1936, he was also appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.


01 August 2017

Art Event in Lipa City Showcased Best of Batangas Visual Talents

The recent My City, My SM, My Art at SM City Lipa.
As My City, My SM, My Art continues its cultural journey around the Philippines, its stop at SM City Lipa last 13-20 July was very special because it highlighted the importance of mentorship and the next generation artists. Two of the featured artists were Jonathan Olazo and Paulina Luz Sotto. Jonathan is the son of Master Artist Romulo Olazo while Paulina Luz-Sotto is the granddaughter of National Artist Arturo Luz.




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