27 August 2015

Unable to Dispense Cash; but Charged for Use of the ATM

Image credit:  Hoi An Food Tour.

Before anyone gets any ideas, this article is not to whine about a measly 14 pesos. Albeit, add a peso more and you get to and from a destination if at minimum fair.

But I get ahead of the story…

26 August 2015

Filipinos and the Sir, Ma’am Culture when Dealing with Westerners

Image credit:  San Jose Mercury News.

Sunday night, and over pizza, burgers and beer a group of us was enjoying after football socials at this local joint. As rather tends to be after an afternoon’s workout, talk was mostly mundane; but the intellectual levels shot up a notch after the topic swung to that of working with westerners, particularly the whites.

24 August 2015

Once, Eagles Soared Above Lipa

The Philippine Eagle.  Image credit:  The Path Adventures by Johan Bergman.

The recent killing of the Philippine eagle Pamana has once again brought into the nation’s consciousness the travails of trying to conserve even one of the nation’s certifiable icons. It is said that there are less than 250 Philippine eagles alive, which makes the species among the world’s most critically endangered.

16 August 2015

The Food Invasion of Lipa City

Burger King, one of the recent arrivals, cheekily built right across McDonald's.

Years back, if one felt the pangs of hunger, one followed the aroma wafting around the household back to the kitchen to discover whatever delicious recipe mother was cooking. If it was close to meal time, perhaps she had a pot of sinaing na tulingan simmering until the fish was almost tender enough to melt inside one’s mouth.

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