20 January 2017

Phivolcs Hazard Maps Show At-Risk Places for a Taal Volcano Worst-Case Scenario Eruption

Taal Volcano continues to be a danger despite its relative quiet in the last four decades.

Taal Volcano has been relatively inactive for so long now that it is often seen as an innocuous tourist destination. Although its last significant eruption was as far back as 1977, it is anything but innocuous. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) recognizes that Taal Volcano, while relatively quiet for four decades now, is still capable of terrain defining eruptions such as the one in 1754.

18 January 2017

Philippine Climate Change and the Decreasing Cold in Lipa City

Uptown Lipa City. Image credit:  Google Earth Street View.

Anyone who is Lipa City born and raised, especially in the latter half of the twentieth century, knows as a matter of course that January – and sometimes on through February – has always tended to be colder than the holiday season in December. Particularly before the turn of the millennium, this is the time when brisk winds from Siberia bring down temperatures not just in Lipa but elsewhere in the country.

13 January 2017

In the Late 90s, a Multisector Dialogue with Batelec Began with This

The dialogue with Batelec was held at the Yellow Conference Room of DLSL.  I am not sure if the image above was of  the actual dialogue because it was so long ago and I do not remember how our guests looked like.

Before anything else, this ironic story is true. There are a few at De La Salle Lipa who will remember things as I tell them. For the benefit of any millennials who may stumble upon this article, however, allow me to go as far back as the early nineties to lay down the background to this story.

09 January 2017

World War II Vintage Bombs Found at DLSL and Elsewhere in Batangas

Image credit:  Hindustan Times.

It has been all but forgotten now, but when the late De La Salle Lipa President Br. Rafael Donato began implementing his comprehensive campus development project in the latter half of 1995, unexpected discoveries were made buried underneath the ground. The SENTRUM, the multi-purpose gymnasium visible from the highway, was well on its way to completion late in 1995 when a bulldozer started digging up earth right next to it so that the foundations for what would become the administration building, later named the Jose. W. Diokno Building, could be laid.

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