24 August 2016

Early 20th Century Postcards Show Nostalgic Images of Old Manila

Dewey Boulevard, Manila (presently Roxas Boulevard).

An obscure collection of postcards simply called the “Rudyuski Collection” sits among the digital collections at the National Library of the Philippines. Regrettably, no details are given as to the owner of the collection or how the postcards were accumulated. The subjects of the postcards are diverse, with images not only of Metro Manila but of indigenous tribes and different provinces of the country. This post shows only postcards of Manila subjects.

Shopping Tips for SM City Lipa's 3-Day Sale This September

In line with its coming three-day sale scheduled on 2-4 September 2016, SM City Lipa has released a set of tips for shoppers who may be planning to take advantage of the mall's upcoming event. Here are the tips sent to Life So Mundane by way of a Press Release by SM City Lipa:

22 August 2016

The Practice of Sending Convicted Criminals as Soldiers to Spanish Colonial Philippines

Image credit:  Nephicode.com.

“While this ship was on the point of departure, one of two ships which your viceroy Don Martin Enrriquez1 despatched from Nueva EspaƱa (Mexico) arrived here, on the fifth of the present month. Through these ships he sends one hundred and fifty soldiers, some married men, and three Augustinian religious.2

17 August 2016

Improved Traffic Management in Lipa; but Foresight Also Needed for the Future

I have complained about the adverse traffic situation in Lipa City before, and now that it has perceptibly improved, I believe that it is merely fair to write about the improvements as well. I still see the occasional bitching about traffic on social media, so before anyone can consider trolling this article, let me immediately set its context.

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