10 February 2016

More Classic DLSL Pictures Colourised (Foundation Week Edition)


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I am releasing this second group of colourised classic DLSL pictures to coincide with the first day of the DLSL Fair. The fair, as all alumni/ae know, is the main activity of the school's foundation anniversary celebrations. Incidentally, this year's anniversary is the 54th; and yes, it has been that long!

08 February 2016

2 DLSL Grads Highly Placed in the Current Philippine Government

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The 168th Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the Philippines, Jose Catral Mendoza, is an alumnus of DLSL. Well, if you are fussy, technically you can say that he is not. He was among the pioneer class of seniors that the DLS Christian Brothers ‘inherited’ from the Maryknoll Sisters when DLSL began operations in school year 1962-63.

02 February 2016

Why the Japanese Have Difficulty Pronouncing the Letter ‘L’

Image credit:  http://www,fluentu.com.

Back in the late nineties, when I was still at the school’s external relations arm, the protocol when there were guests was to send them to my office so we could give them a tour of the campus.

31 January 2016

The Evolution of DLSL's Frontage, 1962-Present

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The picture above was from the 1963 yearbook called the ‘Sabre,’ which I colourised to give it a bit more life. At the time, DLSL was not even called La Salle but officially the high school department of the Our Lady of Rosary Academy or OLRA.

30 January 2016

The Day John ‘Died” and Why It’s Always Best to Verify News that Someone You Know Has Died

Of all people, it was my sister who lives in Auckland from whom I first heard that one of our contemporaries had passed on. Her message was very brief and indeed, she wanted to know if I knew anything.

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