05 October 2010

Joy Is...

…waking up to face a whole new day knowing the previous day could have been the last.

…having a jeepney stop for me the moment I crossed over to the other side of the road.

…walking with a brisk gait to school and enjoying the sun on my skin, an early morning breeze cooling my face.

…knowing that I didn’t have to worry about grumpy professors while watching college students hurrying to their classes with frowns on their faces.

…walking into my office knowing it was a Friday morning and knowing that I had a weekend of rest ahead of me.

My late father, when I was a teenager, once told me that if there was one thing he was disappointed about in me, it was in that I was not ambitious. Young that I was then, I could not stifle the urge to be apologetic.

But I have seen enough unhappy people in my life who drown in their misery for the simple reason that they can never bring themselves to be happy with what they have. There is always the need to have a higher position, to possess what the neighbor has and to meet the expectations of others.

I am long past the stage of having to be apologetic. I have just accepted what I am. And the simple truth of the matter is, mababaw lang talaga ang kaligayahan ko…

I can find joy in playing a Bon Jovi mp3 ballad on my PC… Or in writing a particularly hilarious Facebook Note… Or in having a particularly niggly office problem solved by a co-worker… Or in watching a young kid learn the simple skill of trapping the football…

I have no desire to be rich or famous; to have fancy cars and dine in fancy hotels. Masaya na ako with breakfast na sinaing na tulingan at pritong itlog

No, I have not been drugged; although I suspect my biorhythms are all on a peak. I was just bubbly from the moment I got up from my bed…

The energy stayed with me until the end of the day, when I found great joy in scrimmaging with the lads. I had my shooting boots on, and if my right boot was not quite lethal today, anything I shot with my left flew screaming towards Gregg.

I even curled a free kick over the wall, saw it heading for the upper left hand corner before disappointingly hitting the bar and rebounding back to safety. Bend it like Beckham? Bend it like me!

All in good humor! Even a missed shot was not about to deflate me!

The greatest joy of all, and not that I have to say this to those who know me, is the fact that I can still enjoy playing football at the end of each and every working day. Who, pray tell, needs millions when one can play the beautiful game?

[First published on Facebook on 19 September 2008.]

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