18 November 2010

Beautiful Pilipinas and Sexy Latinas

Ahahaha!!! I love it!!! There must be few cultures in the world that can beat ours when it comes to the knack for creating stories where there really ought to be none. But I am being me and getting ahead of the story…

I just caught on TV Patrol a short clip that poured more kerosene on the fire that has started to eat away at the Department of Tourism’s new ad campaign even before it has even properly taken off the ground. Funny I should, because a friend just told me about the controversy before I took my ride home; and more for lack of a better conversation topic than anything else.

From what I could make of my friend’s story, the department is right smack in the middle of a brewing storm about its new Pilipinas Kay Ganda tourism campaign because – apparently – some quarters think the department is making change for the sake of making change and not because the new campaign will improve on the ditched WowPhilippines campaign of the previous administration.

But trust the TV stations to make a real saucy story out of this controversy. Apparently, the ad agency that was awarded the contract to develop the new campaign is now being accused of having copied the idea for its logo from the Poland travel campaign. Now for Exhibit “A.” Please take a look at this logo.

Now Exhibit “B.”

You be the judge! Personally, I think there is something of a similarity. No more than that, however. More importantly, I couldn’t care less that there is. What I find amazing is the thoroughness of the critics in finding the Poland logo to begin with. If this is not a raging example of obsessive compulsion, then I do not know what is!

Furthermore, TV Patrol reported that the Pilipinas Kay Ganda web site has been taken down because one small mistake with the web site’s URL or address takes the surfer to a porn site. “How could we have known?” an embarrassed tourism official told the reporter. But of course they should have; to even ask the question reeks of amateurism. Why there are amateurs in national government, you tell me!

And because curiosity killed the cat, I naturally took a peek… True enough, ask your browser for beautifulpilipinas.com and you get a cannot-find-web-site error message. Change one letter of the URL – I’m not saying which – and you do not get a porn site. Instead, you are redirected to a porn site with a totally different URL with sexy Latinas – the term! – in various poses of carnal indulgence.

Boys, keep your hands off the keyboard!

But to get back to my earlier point, how did the critics find the Latina web site? So, alright! I do not discount the possibility of honest typing mistakes having been made. Should we also not discount the possibility that the critics had been looking at naughty web sites? Ahahaha!!! I am having a good time writing this!!!

Now enter one senator, who in the same TV Patrol clip griped, “The problem with us is that we have this trait which almost obligates us to make changes whenever there is a new administration just because something is identified with the previous one.” Or something to that effect, spoken in scathing Tagalog…

Agree. Change should be made to improve on the status quo and never for the sake of making change. That said, since the Pilipinas Kay Ganda web site has been taken down, I have no way of knowing that it has improved on the previous campaign.

For the sake of argument, I Googled the new campaign and found the image below:

In all fairness – and I used to visit the old WowPhilippines web site – if the image above was how the Pilipinas Kay Ganda web site looked like before it was taken down, my own humble opinion is that it actually looks better and more professionally done than the previous site.

There are those who say that the new campaign addresses the local market alone rather than the more lucrative international market. It has also been branded as “boring.”

Baloney! First of all, to proclaim to the rest of the world that this country is beautiful is not boring. It is a mere statement of a fact. I, for one, like the campaign title. Second, the preceding campaign was aimed at both the local and international markets. What is to stop the Department of Tourism from having several versions of the same web site – hardly a novel idea – keeping the Pilipinas Kay Ganda title for the local market and thinking up other titles for citizens of other countries?

A simple splash page which asks the surfer for a preferred version immediately deals with the criticism. Of course, if nobody at the department has thought of this, then we really ought to ask why we have amateurs in national government!

Now go find another story in this blog to read and donjoo go lookin’ for sexy Latinas…





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