28 March 2011

The Story of My Life in Jerseys

Not that I have a jersey fetish or something; it is just that I had been thinking of doing something that did not require a lot of thinking for this web site. Albeit, I can always argue with myself that there is nothing in this web site, anyway, that really required a lot of thinking. Allow me to append the obligatory LOL.

It is not so much that the jerseys really tell the story of my life; that was just to make you look at this silly post. Since to even contemplate exhibiting the jerseys somewhere is a tad on the pompous side, I figured there would be less in terms of pomposity if I did it virtually.

I was born under the sign of Taurus, of course, whatever the recent to-do about how the astrological signs were supposed to have changed. As such, hoarding things comes naturally to me.

This collection of jerseys, you may be tempted to think, cost me a fortune. On the contrary; many of these I purchased in Thailand where they cost a fraction of what they would in a fancy store. Then again, one of the perks of being the football guy is that anyone who goes somewhere always thinks of bringing you home a jersey.

Sometimes I ask; and not that I care if they do not remember. When they do, every jersey is appreciated. Albeit, sometimes they just go into the collection. A few, as you will see from the pictures, look like they are in dire need of detergent. Indeed! The dusty cabinet syndrome; that is what I call it.

To begin, the first two jerseys are the home and away strips of the club I have supported since I was a child. They still bore the Candy logo – and do not ask me what that was because I never did discover. By the way, these were the shirts of what was regarded – in the late eighties – as the best post-war British footballing side.

Here are a couple of home jerseys from the barren nineties, when all there was to show were some Cup wins that paled in comparison with what the great Liverpool sides accomplished from the sixties to the early nineties.

This next home shirt was worn during the reign of the Frenchman Gerard Houllier when five trophies in a row were won within a span of two seasons.

The next shirt is of the utmost significant to Liverpool fans like me. Istanbul 2005. The Reds were down 0-3 at halftime to AC Milan in the final of the UEFA Champions League. The team rallied to tie the match at 3-all and win the its fifth European Cup by way of a penalty shootout after extra time.

Now here is another home shirt from the Reebok era:

Now a home shirt when Adidas returned to Anfield. Yikes! Look at the name on the flipside of the shirt!

Now here is an assortment of away or third shirts (when both the home and away shirts clash with the strip of the home team being visited):

Here are jerseys of the international teams I support. If I were made to name my team in any World Cup, it will have to be in this order: England, Germany and the Netherlands.

Do not ask me why I have this jersey. I have never liked the Italian national team; but I thought the collar of this jersey was really neat!

Of course, I will support any team from the Asian Football Confederation in the World Cup. This next jersey is of one of my Asian favorites, the Republic of Korea.

Now here are the jerseys of my favorite clubs outside of England: Bayern Munich of Germany and Real Madrid of Spain.

Who would have thought the name on the flipside of that Real Madrid jersey would one day end up in the lair of the archfiend?

Of the Scottish giants, Glasgow Celtic is the Catholic side; but I have always had a soft spot for Glasgow Rangers, instead. Why I have this Celtic shirt, I guess, is because of the green and white.

The following jerseys are of clubs that I do not particularly like; so as to why I have them, your guess is as good as mine!

Now for my most treasured jersey of all. Did you really have to ask what it is?

Tucked In
The World Cup




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