04 March 2011

Twitter War!

I am watching too much showbiz news! That much I am sure of! This is so, so not me at all! Now, I know that there is such a thing as a Twitter war. And it involves an actress named Angelica Panganiban and a fan of Phil Younghusband.

First of all, I do not know who Angelica Panganiban is. Or didn’t. One Wikipedia page later and I know that she starred in movies such as “White Lady,” “A Love Story,” “I Love You, Goodbye,” “Here Comes the Bride” and “Bulong.” All of which – naturally – I have not seen.

The war – or so TV Patrol reported – began when Panganiban tweeted that she thought it odd that Younghusband was in an indie film. Check below for Exhibit A.

Honestly, it was just one of those opinions that anyone anywhere is entitled to have. But when your Twitter account is being followed by 390,063 people – and counting – then a harmless opinion has every probability of being a source of controversy.

Personally, I think there is some validity to what she said about Philly; albeit, her statement – while she had every right to say it – also erred on the side of oversimplification. I have been thinking for a while now that Philly seems to be enjoying being in the limelight a bit too much of late: he appears practically everyday on TV Patrol; does fashion shoots; attends press conferences; minds his football academy; goes on dates with Angel Locsin; and tweets to the death in both English and Tagalog.

Oh, and he has to train – why did I forget – with the national team…

Panganiban rationalized her statement by following up with a tweet that said all she was trying to say was that Philly ought to remain focused on the winning for the country. Fair enough; and I agree completely. But she had to make the comparison with Wayne Rooney of the Mancs and that was where – I feel – a little more thought should have been given to the tweet.

She was right; Rooney is so busy training with Manchester United he probably does not really have time to go into the movies. On the other hand, Rooney is paid millions of pounds to not go into the movies by his club side. While I wish Philly focused on the football a bit more – and he is wearing too many hats something is bound to give – I also cannot blame him if he tries to make a living from his and his team’s sudden fame.

Not to mention that practically by himself alone, he is managing to insert football into the public consciousness… In fairness, Philly has kept well clear of the controversy.

But then, one of his fans did not mind telling Panganiban what to do with her opinions. Particularly when she suggested that Philly should have joined PBB instead of the Azkals.

Then it got ugly. One fan suggested that Derek Ramsey – an actor who I just learned is Panganiban’s boyfriend – is a TH in sport but has not really brought home any honors for the country. To which Panganiban replied in equally caustic terms.

The Philly fan, though, has spirit. He or she – I really would not know since Panganiban has referred to the fan either way and even as baklâ – told Panganiban what that she herself ought to focus on doing something to Ramsay that is so graphic in its wordings it is making me blush even describing it.

At this point, let me leave the tweeting and sum up by stating – in case you have not seen the TV Patrol report – that Panganiban is ready to go to court to sue the fan. She was adamant that Ramsay should never have been brought into the fight and that the pambabastos had gotten really way out of line, really under the belt. If you care to and you have a Twitter account, go investigate Panganiban’s account.

It is showbiz at its ugliest. Personally, I would have deleted all the offending tweets. That she did not – unless she is saving these for a day in court – makes me smell fish. Everything seems so contrived; so designed to stir controversy. ABS-CBN is lapping it up; and I do not mind admitting I derived a sort of perverse entertainment from the circus.

Philly, in TV Patrol’s closing interview, put an end to the matter – at least his part of it, which was really none at all. He said that his role in the indie film was really to play football which to him was not acting at all; and Panganiban must have misinterpreted his participation.

Ted Faylon, Julius Babao and Korina Sanchez ended the night’s show by saying – although each was careful not to mention to whom they were addressing themselves – that if somebody wants to go public using things like Twitter, aba’y ‘wag mapipikon

And if you really need to say something about somebody, no matter how valid it is, it is often better just to say it within your circle of close friends. What Philly's fan was saying about Ramsay, to me even if I thought the fan’s vocabulary was objectionable, was no different from what Panganiban said about Philly in the first place. And so this Twitter War? A bit also of the pot calling the kettle black...

Younghusband and Locsin on Twitterdate?
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