19 April 2011

The Barber's Life Story

More often than not when I go to the barbershop, I prefer to pretend that I am asleep when I get my haircuts than engage the barbers in small talk.

Today, my barber was intent on introducing himself as a person.

He was originally from Leyte, but did not speak Waray. No, not all of Leyte speak the dialect, he lectured me. About half of the population, he continued, speak Cebuano like he does.

As he cut the hair away…

He learned to cut hair at 16… took up Architecture in college… did not finish… moved to Manila like many from the provinces do…

And he continued cutting…

He has been with Bruno’s since the barbershop chain opened shop at Robinson’s Lipa in 2003. Got married in Lipa. Asked some of his customers to stand as witnesses… Is hoping to be able to get his own house soon…

Cut some more…

He’s an artist, does cubism on canvass using oil and pastel. Cubism? Yes, the sort Picasso was known for… Picasso… hmmm… Interesting…!!!

He has become a member of a Lipa-based art group, has been wanting to meet our school artist Rogger Basco and hopes to one day put up his own exhibition….

Oh well… the life story was interesting, I swear, but the moment he reclined my chair, daubed my face with gel and started rubbing my face with his fingers…

I just dozed off instantly…

[This story was first published on Facebook on 23 January 2008.]

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