23 May 2011

Where There's Smoke, There's A Grill

Anyone who reads this will think I’m fibbing…

I bought a kilo of liempo the other weekend thinking, I would treat myself to inihaw… Never mind what the health experts say, I think inihaw na liempo is still the closest thing one can have to an orgasm with the palate…

Personally, I like the liempo done simply. Just a bit of salt and cooked tustado at malutong-lutong. A dip of sukâ and bawang will take care of the rest.

I was Juan Tamad last weekend and never got around to cooking the stuff, though. This morning was different, and in truth, I had been salivating all week just thinking of my inihaw

But this is not so much about it but rather about this funny little incident involving my neighbor…

There was a drizzle outside, and the winds were blowing quite robustly. I thought I would do the sensible thing and prepare my charcoal grill indoors.

I had placed the grill atop the stove, with the windows next to it wide open. Because I had the jalousies open and the wind blew briskly into the house, the white smoke as the liempo cooked was blown straight out the windows.

Neat, eh…???!!!

Now, I had just three more strips cooking atop the grill when I saw my neighbor, who I hardly ever see because I’m usually out all day, scampering towards the house with a concerned look on his face…

The look quickly turned to embarrassment as I smiled at him and hollered “Howdy!” He thought something inside the house was burning, and rushed to investigate…

Bless him for his concern, but he could have saved himself the blood rush if he’d stopped to wonder why the smoke was white and smelled so damned good…

[This story was first published on Facebook on 9 December 2007 with the title My Neighbour and My Liempo. I just realized I have not had this for a while and may yet go out to get a few strips later. You guessed it... Inihaw... The only way to do it!]

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