28 October 2012

How to Get a Passport at DFA-Lipa

This page may no longer be reliable. Click here for the UPDATED Procedure taken from the DFA Office in Lipa.

Because there are a lot of web visitors arriving at this web site from search engines looking for the passport services of the Department of Foreign Affairs Robinson’s Place in Lipa (DFA-Lipa), this post is made available as a public service.

Disclaimer: The information contained here is based on my own personal experience in getting a passport and may have changed since. This should still be a reasonable guide to getting a passport.

Documentary Requirements: Please refer to the Department of Foreign Affairs official web site for all documentary requirements. The requirements for first-time application and renewal are at the DFA web site.  Follow this link. [DFA Passport Requirements].

Location: The DFA Office inside Robinson’s Place Lipa is at the second floor of the mall’s north end. The mall’s main entrance close to JP Laurel National Highway is the south end of the mall.

  1. Get your application form and number from the guard stationed in front of the office. Note that the number you are handed corresponds to the number on the application form. This is crucial for the subsequent steps.
  2. Fill out the application form and proceed to the waiting area.
  3. When your number is called, proceed inside the office to submit your filled out application form to the front desk.
  4. Wait outside until your name is called.
  5. When your name is called, proceed inside to have your application assessed. You have a choice of rush (overtime) or regular processing. You also have the option of having your passport delivered at your designated address by courier service.
  6. Pay at the cashier’s window inside the office.
  7. Wait outside for your number to be called.
  8. When your number is called, proceed again inside the office and take a seat along the waiting line.
  9. Move along the waiting line until your name is called by the passport encoder.
  10. When your turn comes, the encoder will take your picture and encode your thumb marks digitally. You will also be asked to verify that all information typed into the database is correct. Make sure you check for typographical errors.
  11. Hold onto the receipt because you will need this to claim your passport on the assigned date. For those who choose to return to the office to claim your passports, the Releasing window is to the right of the office’s main door. Guards will ensure that proper queues or lines are observed by those claiming passports.

Passport Fees:
The following rates are obtained from the DFA web site:

For first time applicants, renewal of passports, replacement of lost expired passports and replacement of lost valid passport:

Regular Processing (15 working days): P950.00
Express Processing (7 working days): P1,200.00

Unless DFA-Lipa has changed its procedure, an appointment is not necessary and applicants can just walk in. From the DFA web site, it appears that the appointment system is available only:

The more recent applicants who may have observed changes in the DFA procedures may wish to indicate these changes using the Comments Box below this post for the benefit of would-be applicants. You need a Facebook user account to post a comment.

Need Passport? DFA is at Robinson's Lipa
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