18 February 2013

Quick Adventure in 5D

What’s a quick way to part with 105 pesos? Well, there’s this adventure booth at SM Lipa that is called the 5D Simulator which I think is worth at least a one-time try; and if you have a lot of spare change, there’s nothing to stop you from going back for more.

I was at the mall for groceries; but since I had seen the simulator featured yesterday by the regional news, I allowed curiosity to get the better of me. Because I was by myself, it was not unlike making a taxi out of a jeepney.

The lady operator asked me to choose a ride from a catalogue; but since I didn’t have a clue, I asked her to recommend one. She chose the snow track adventure for me.

Inside the booth, there is a Windows screen with several ride icons on the desktop. There are two rows of seats with rails to hold onto as the contraption is tossed this way and that by what I suppose are hydraulics underneath.

If I’m being honest, I had a great time in those measly 5 minutes – and I was by myself. I can imagine how much more fun it can be with family and friends.
The seats move in sync with the animated screen to give the customer the feeling of actually taking the ride. Quite a hi-tech experience, in all fairness; and the technology, I can imagine, will be not unlike that of a flight simulator.

3 of the 5D will probably have to be the visuals; and one is given a 3D pair of glasses before entering the booth.

The animation is, perhaps, not really cinema quality; and considering how advanced animation technology has become, the pteranodon that was trying to peck at me through my 3D glasses was not just a little bit on the pathetic side.

The other two dimensions will probably have to be the hydraulic movement and the ‘flakes’ of snow that are shot from machines in front. More like pieces of cloth or paper, these supposed flakes.

Depending on the ride, the operator told me that water and smoke can also be expunged by the machines straight at the customers to complete the experience of realism.

The entire ride took no longer than 5 minutes; although the operator was quick to say that some rides go for as long as six. If I am being honest, the experience is what we would call in the vernacular bitin.

That said, that is probably the booth’s business plan, i.e. to tempt that customer to try other rides. I will not be surprised if there are those who will find the experience addictive.

In fact, I was briefly tempted to try another ride; but decided that I needed to get to the supermarket nearby.

If I’m being honest, I had a great time in those measly 5 minutes – and I was by myself. I can imagine how much more fun it can be with family and friends.

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